In addition to the many symptoms, issues, and populations we treat, such as symptoms of anxiety and depression, the Therapy4u clinicians each have special areas of focus. Below is a quick reference guide to our specialties:

Erika Shershun, MA, Licensed MFT 102562

Treating Individuals. Online therapy available for California residents.

  • Sexual Assault Survivors

  • Familial Relational Wounds and Traumas

  • Working with Artists and Performers

  • EMDR

Shanna LoPresti, MA, Associate MFT 101454

Treating Individuals, Couples and Multi Partner Relationships.

  • Relationship issues

  • Stress management

  • Early developmental trauma

  • Brief Couples work

Bianca Aarons, MA, Licensed MFT 102579

Treating Individuals, Adolescents, and Couples.

  • Couples who are stuck in an Anxious/Avoidant Dynamic

  • Teenagers who are struggling to find meaning in their lives or who feel depressed

  • Adults who are working through relationship issues, trust issues, or traumas such as sexual abuse/loss of a loved one.

Julia Forberg, MA, Licensed MFT 96800

Treating female identified Individuals.

  • Women's issues

  • Relationship issues

  • Body image issues

Maria Lentzou, MA, Associate MFT 101671

Treating Children and Individuals. Fluent in Spanish, Greek, and English.

  •  Inner child work with adults

  •  Preschool and School age children who struggle with emotional regulation

  •  Authentic Movement group and individual sessions as a creative-spiritual somatic practice



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