Maria Lentzou, MA, Registered Associate MFT


I am an Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, as well as a Licensed Psychologist from Greece, I speak fluent English, Spanish, and Greek, and I have two passions. I am dedicated to supporting the emotional wellbeing of our youngsters and for that I provide Expressive Arts and Play Therapy for your child or your inner child. In addition, I am a highly sensitive and proud-to-be female who loves to inspire women to gain self-love through self-validation and acceptance. To do so, I facilitate Authentic Movement groups and individual sessions as a creative and spiritual somatic practitioner.

My approach

Expressive Arts & Play Therapy for your child:

Making art and play is the inherent way of kids to communicate, express, regulate, learn and cope with their inner and outer reality. I use a relational, dynamic, and deep play therapy approach. I help your child to process their big feelings (of anger, sadness etc.), and to express their unique creative voice. My goal is to facilitate their emotional and cognitive development, to help them gain better social skills, and to support them in challenging transitions.  I meet weekly or biweekly with your child, and I collaborate as needed with parents and significant others.

Expressive Arts & Play Therapy for your inner child:


We all have been once, in our own way, a curious, creative, joyful child. As George Bernard Shaw says, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” No matter your age, I can support you to reconnect and become again lovingly responsible of your inner child. In our sessions we work together, with expressive tools and assigned activities, to heal your inner child wounds and to recover the sparkle of enthusiasm in your life.

I see clients weekly or biweekly in the heart of San Francisco's PPLL Heights and Mission Districts.


I am a licensed psychologist from Greece (2004), and an interdisciplinary performing artist. I am multifaceted and trilingual (Greek, Spanish, English) and I hold an MA in Expressive Arts Therapy from CIIS (2017). I have been working with kids since 2002. Through their play children taught me how to understand and appreciate their world that is different from the adults’ world. Now, with my training in play therapy from the Child Therapy Institute, I am grateful to help your child, or inner child, to recover their joy and to navigate with more ease the challenges of the adults’ reality. 


Authentic Movement:


Simple in its form, the practice of Authentic Movement can take you into journeys within the depths of your soul to heal and awake your creative impulse. Each encounter is an opportunity to be present and become aware, a safe space to discover and let who you are emerge; there is a world within that is incredibly rich and waits to be acknowledged, explored and expressed. At the same time, this sacred time-space can become a doorway of connection with the unknown, the numinous.


I provide Authentic Movement groups and individual sessions as a creative and spiritual somatic practice.

In the individual sessions, I can listen closely to your needs and be your companion in your journey within. We can meet weekly, or every other week or once a month, as you decide from your heart.

In the group sessions, though your experience is still individual, we all share the power of being together in community. We meet on Saturdays, 10am – 12pm, twice a month.


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I was specialized in Authentic Movement at the Center for Practice and Training in Authentic movement with Karin Fleischer in Buenos Aires (2008-2014). After struggling with bulimia, depression, body-hatred, insecurities and low self-esteem, in my own practice of Authentic Movement I discovered the beauty of depth that exists in the action of being fully present and the inner-body wisdom that we all have to heal, create and evolve. Now, I am honored to sharing with you who also wish for an authentic connection with yourself and your body, the gifts of awareness and self-realization that this discipline brings as a creative-spiritual practice that is mindful and bodyful!

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Maria Lentzou, MA ; Authentic Movement SF.

Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #101671
Supervised by Kathy Buys LMFT #34173
​Practicing through the auspices of the Child Therapy Institute, a nonprofit organization providing affordable psychotherapy and school based services to children and adults throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.