Couples and Multi Partner Counseling


Therapy4u clinicians offer Couples and Multi Partner Counseling in San Francisco and the East Bay.


Relationships are fundamental to our survival, we heal, grow, and thrive within the safe supportive refuge of a secure attachment. The irony is that being in relationship requires vulnerability, and the more vulnerable we become the more our deepest wounds surface contributing to triggering while in proximity to the very person(s) we love. Our worst or most reactive self makes an appearance as we're overtaken by challenging emotions. Meanwhile our partner is going through the same dance or triggering, simultaneously exposing us to the more exasperating aspects of the one (or ones) we love most.

The Integrative and Somatic Psychotherapists at Therapy4u will help you break this pattern. We know how to work with your core wounds, to help you gain empathy for your own and your partners triggers, to strengthen your communication and learn how to create repair after conflict. All couples argue, conflict is not the issue, it is how you communicate during conflict and how you resolve conflict that largely determines if you will remain in and deepen connection, or part ways. 

The clinicians at Therapy4u are here to support you in:

  • Creating a safe and secure connection

  • ​Overcoming patterns of conflict 

  • Regaining intimacy

  • Working through infidelity and loss of trust

  • Power dynamics

  • Interracial and cross cultural couples issues

  • Separation and/or divorce

  • Pre-Marital counseling

Please check out our therapist's profiles and schedule a free 20 min. phone consultation to learn how we can support you and your partner in growing the relationship you envision.

Couples and Multi Partner Counseling